Tips for Success in Importing Used Clothes

Tips for Success in Importing Used Clothes

Tips for Success in Importing Used Clothes -Clothing shopping activity has not diminished, and from 2015 to the present, many domestic products are being contested with the aim of becoming the first trend in Indonesia. As a result, many big fashion events such as (IFW) Indonesia Fashion Week and Jakarta Fashion Week (JWF ) are held every year, and every year teenagers are getting excited about the Indonesian fashion business. Currently the fashion business is growing very rapidly, starting from online stores, boutiques, distribution, factory outlets, and finally thrift shops.

Tips for dealing with imported used clothes and how to manage them

Thrift stores must be familiar to the ears of today’s young people. It is an activity to buy antiques in a unique way and at the lowest possible price. Many also interpret savings as buying used goods, including high-quality items that are still too good to buy. The emergence of thrift shops also opens up business opportunities for used clothing for young people to resell. This work is usually done when an entrepreneur can still find imported used clothes that are very suitable for use and resell them at a reasonable price.

Please prepare before importing used clothes

Having a business that matches your passion is usually more interesting and more diligent in doing it. But if you want to get into this business, you will find that persistence alone is not enough. If you want to dive into this area, there’s a lot to learn first. There are a few things to keep in mind before starting a used clothing business. Tips for Success in Importing Used Clothes

1. Get to know foreign brands

First of all, when selling here, you need to know in advance which clothing brands have value. Many imported second-hand goods are branded in Indonesia, but few are interested in them due to limited knowledge of foreign products. Not only need to know the product, but also need to know the market price of the product so that the selling price can be determined accurately.

2. Get to know the dress model

After knowing some of the best-selling foreign brands in Indonesia, of course you need to know little by little about the types of clothes and pants models. The reason is, many models are not suitable for use in Indonesia. Many sellers only care about the brand and forget the redundant models, so they need to know this. As a result, the product does not. sold out.

3. Find suppliers

If you have sufficient knowledge of the brand, now is the time to visit the famous Indonesian market firsthand and carry out its implementation. For example, Jakarta includes Pasar Senen, Pasar Santa, and Jatayu. At this point, you may have to be patient, and you shouldn’t be in a rush to buy. Double-check your clothes against your product knowledge. What’s more, an important precaution when saving is to make sure it doesn’t stand out when you go out there. Because used goods sellers are usually naughty and often overpriced.

Maybe if you’re not happy, it’s okay to buy used clothes imported from your bag. Clothing, T-shirts, sweaters, dresses, jeans and more are readily available. Getting the ball like this is usually a small bet. Some of the clothes were unfit for wear, while others were damaged. But the rest is probably treasure that you might be able to resell.

It’s okay to look for suppliers in Bruscan or order clothes in bags. Tips for Success in Importing Used Clothes

Are the used clothes lovers still around? Of course the answer is there! Young people who already know fashion is your main goal to make a profit, because young people are now full of style prestige. His favorite products are also popular with fans, but be aware that potential customers are also “selective” when it comes to buying used goods. Here are some tips for selling your favorite clothes and accessories so they run out fast.

1. Know the condition of the product

After checking the market, it’s time to get to know the product brand and check at home, starting from the condition of the product, to the percentage of product quality. Potential customers will believe in the products you sell, as you can say in the description section of your online store. In addition, it is also good to take care of your clothes. Dirty clothes and dirty clothes will also look bad if you take pictures. Therefore, first wash the used clothes that you want to sell and don’t forget to iron them so that your eyes are happy when taking pictures.

2. Be careful when taking product pictures
You don’t need an expensive studio to shoot items. The important thing is that the goods are clearly visible with the right lighting. This allows potential customers to see the details they liked beforehand. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the aesthetic aspect of the image. That means, place your clothes well and capture the corners of the image when the item is highlighted so you don’t miss out on any extra accessories. eye.

3. Write a description of your clothes

In the Description column, you can see the status of the item you want to sell. You can also indicate the percentage of product eligibility status. Clothing sizes and clothing brand knowledge are a big draw to potential customers, as you are considered a fashion expert.

4. Take advantage of buying and selling used goods

You can also follow must-see apps like Carousell, Tinkerlust, and Reebonz. Each app needs its own features for items to sell quickly. Of course, you have to be patient for the brand and brand of your product. However, if you can deal with it in good faith at a price that matches the brand and quality, it will definitely be a reliable product.

Of course, understand that not all logistics service providers have digital platforms. You have to search everything manually and traditionally. This can be very difficult if you are new to the business and have no connection to logistics services. In addition, there is another drawback, if you do not know inside or outside the company, you can also be deceived.

For those who want to send goods ranging from imported used clothing bags to other heavy goods, it’s time to try the right tips to become a logistics delivery service provider. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort looking for logistical accommodations to ensure your products reach your customers safely and on time. Tips for Success in Importing Used Clothes

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