The secret to starting a business without capital

The secret to starting a business without capital

The secret to starting a business without capital – Many successful people do business without capital in the form of big money. He named it Purdi E. Chandra through the Primagama Network. Purdy only relies on his lobbying skills and ingenuity in entrepreneurship. You can do it too!

The question is, is it possible to start a business without capital? Possible …! You just need a secret.

Secret #1: Agree

When looking for a business idea, you can choose to sell your goods or services. Selling goods requires a lot of capital. You have to buy the item first and then resell it. For example, retail, grocery store manufacturing, grocery grocery. Or, first produce the product and then sell the product, such as trading in bread or carrying clothes.

It goes without saying whether the product will not sell well. How much capital is not returned? Unlike the service industry. You can actually start with a capitalized knee. This job doesn’t cost much! Purdi’s example is by starting an education business. Starting as two students, he occupied one of his rented rooms, which he thought his business could grow rapidly.

Secret #2: Save Money

You don’t want to spend a lot of money, do you? So keep your costs low. The best way to reduce overhead is to start your business from home. You can save on rent, pay reception staff, pay taxes, work permits and more. Don’t assume that working from home is weird.

Many giants started at home, including, Microsoft, Xeroc, The Body Shop, and Martha Tilaar.

Secret 3: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Maybe you were already working as an employee when you decided to become an entrepreneur. It may not be wise to quit when starting a business from scratch. You lose a source of income while your efforts are not producing tangible results. So keep working and start a part time job when you start a business. Then, if your business seems to be growing, you can give up your job as an employee.

Fourth Secret: Knowing Market Needs

This is the main rule of conduct. You have to provide a service that many people need and are willing to pay for. It’s good to start a lawn mowing or logging service business, but if you’re in the middle of a city with lots of houses without a garden, who will hire your services? Likewise with market research. Currently there are many service companies that can do it.

Do you like writing open writing services like resumes, web content, ghostwriters, company profiles, etc? Do you like drawing and designing? We provide design services for advertisements, websites, book covers, and illustrators. Talking can also be used as a business field. For example a broadcasting station. Naturally, make sure there are consumers who need your services.

You already know the secret. If you do this, your chances of success are much higher. Good luck and God bless you!

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