Small capital transaction big profit

Small capital transaction big profit

Small capital transaction big profit – Many people cancel their intention to open a business on the grounds that they do not have money. Even though capital is not the only factor for business success.

World Health Organization says small business capital cant make big profits? Small capital transaction big profit

World Health Organization doesnt know Bob Saden? As a former construction worker, this successful entrepreneur started his business from scratch with minimun capital. Susi Pudjyastuti, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia, also managed to dominate the Pangandaran fish auction market with a capital of Rp. 750, 000.

If you want to start a business or start a side business, dont be discouraged even if you have limited capital. With the right strategy, there are dozens of business opportunities that can be the door to new income.

Even a business with a capital of Rumah sakit. One million can make a lot of profit. Still have a business idea? So as not to be confused anymore, here are eight recommendations for small business ideas that you can try. Small capital transaction big profit

1. Sell breakfast menu at home

Many people have a very active morning routine. Many of them also have to go to the office a few hours before entering to avoid arriving late. As a result, you nomor longer have time to prepare the right breakfast for you and your family.

We have a breakfast menu of chicken porridge, udok rice, vegetables, yellow rice and others.

The materials you need are affordable. You dont need to rent a shop or restaurant. You can sell it in front of your house with one table and two chairs.

2. Light work

The street food trade is in demand not only by children but also by adults. Many people, from students to workers, like to enjoy snacks while working.

You dont have to stick to snacks made with expensive ingredients. For example, you could try selling cassava chips. Apart from being affordable, it is also very easy to make.

For example, to make a pack of 200 pieces, you need 10 kilogram of cassava. In addition to other ingredients such as salt, garlic and oil, the capital required is not small. 200, 000.

If you are an employee, you can sell these snacks to colleagues in your office. As long as you can guarantee the taste and quality, the snack business can be very profitable.

3. Drop shipping business

The dropshipping business is nomor longer a small- capital business, but a non- capitalized business. Because anyone can live this without a penny. Plus, you dont have to bother with the process of shipping and shipping products.

Its easy, just sell the product from the seller and send the order and payment from the buyer to the seller.

However, although this effort looks easy, it cannot be underestimated. As a dropshipper, you need to understand the specifications of the products being sold and choose a reliable supplier. The quality of the suppliers products and services also affects your reputation.

4. Womens accessories business

Womens accessories business can be a very profitable business. This was proven by Kartika Yeswadi, pemilik of the Semoet Ketjil accessories company. Report from Seconds with initial capital of Rp. For one million dollars, Kartikas business currently reaches sales of Rp. 10 million per month.

Of course, Kartika was able to achieve this success after years of maintaining quality and continuing to innovate to attract customers.

Create unique products that emulate Kartikas success and make your brand more memorable. Apart from using social media, feel gratis to use your own products as a marketing tool.

5. Make a pre- order t- shirt

The mode industry never dies. However, you do not need a small amount of capital to set up a distribution company. But World Health Organization says you cant open a minimun business in this zona?

Overcome limited funds by implementing a pre- order system. With this system, T- shirts and clothing will not be produced until the order is completed. You can also specify a minimum order quantity to start production to reduce production costs.

6. Printing service

If you have a computer or laptop, this service can be quite a lucrative financial sector.

Especially if you live near a university or school campus. Many students and students with homework and paper reports need the help of printing services, so you dont have to worry about small orders.

You can also add a print or print service. You can get a new printer with prime specifications under Rp. 900, 000.

7. Sales of various pastries

Do you have a hobby of baking cakes? Develop your hobby as a source of income. You dont need a lot of capital to start this business. To get started, you can make one or two different cookies to give to your friends, neighbors, or those around you.

Pastry options can be adjusted to your tastes and abilities. The cakes served are indeed popular, but with an attractive appearance, different taste and unique characteristics, it does not reduce its competitiveness in the market.

8. Commercial drinks

In addition to the food trade, the beverage business is also interesting. Making drinks not only allows you to track trends, but also creates new ones. For example, you can sell chocolate drinks and modern herbs in the midst of the current coffee trend.

So, are you ready to run your own business? World Health Organization knows starting with a small project, you will become a big entrepreneur. Small capital transaction big profit

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