No capital commercial website

No capital commercial website

No capital commercial website – For those who are interested in doing business online or selling various products online. So far this has also been facilitated by technology and the internet. In particular, shopping sites such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak as well as e-commerce sites have sales areas.

This will make it easier to sell your product to consumers. But on the other hand there is also a dropshipping system, which is a way to sell other people’s products and suppliers without using capital. Dropshipping is one way for anyone who wants to start a business using only the internet and technology.

Indonesian dropship platform without capital for beginners
For those who want a dropship system. The drop shipping platforms you can use are : No capital commercial website

1. Dropshipper Friends
The first platform came from a dropshipper friend. This platform is already popular and widely used by Indonesian people, especially in big cities. Apart from simplifying drop shipping and making the rules very clear. Meanwhile, Dropshipper Friends supports many local brands to help them grow in Indonesia and around the world.

We offer the best services such as confirmation of receipt and guarantee of returns and refunds in case of damage. You can also access and sell the latest catalogs and products.

2. Lost the ribbon
The second platform that is included in one of Indonesia’s main dropship platforms for many people is Bandros. This application not only sells various MSME products, but also household products, especially foods such as frozen foods and other processed foods. The Bandros platform operates in a private dropship business that can help sell products from a variety of high-quality stores.

Here you can take advantage of various features such as marketing kits, Bandros Academy, custom outfits, order tracking, online inventory checks and more. If you are interested in joining the Bandros team, you can contact us directly on the official website.

3. Drop shipping
The third platform that should not be ignored is called dropshipping. One of these popular platforms is generally characterized by the fact that clothes and accessories are not the only ones being sold. However, we can also sell phone cases, custom flash drives, etc. If you have fashion at the same time want to do business in the field of online shopping. Then you can not only use the drop shipping platform, but also participate in the various terms and conditions offered.

You can also start without features that come from additional capital and free shipping offers, as well as customer service that can handle 24-hour problems, and a wide selection of products.

4. Resell
The place to enter the main dropship platform for many Indonesians is called resellers. The only place this is about selling social media and market connectivity without having an online store website.

Thus, it has many features that can be obtained from the integrity of fashion products, easy access to retailer applications that can be downloaded from the Play Store. It is safer, more reliable, and has been in use for a long time.

5. Drop shipping cart
Finally, the recommendation of an Indonesian dropship platform for beginners who don’t need capital is called Bakuru Dropship. This website is software that will help you find an Indonesian market account that will help you in the importer-style dropship method.

The most preferred feature of Bakul Dropship is the presence of very large product scraping or automatic data acquisition. For example, 200 to 300 products with one download at a time. In addition, it has the function of importing/exporting international products that you want to resell in Indonesia and converting foreign currency into rupiah.

When you run a high-end business. There is no loss of profits or even bankruptcy. No capital commercial website

1. Supplier selection
The first guide you need to know about choosing the right supplier or seller. After all, when you ship a product to a consumer, you don’t see the product being delivered in its condition and quality. But if the place that sells it is known for its very high quality, don’t worry anymore.

Please note that the drop shipper should not interfere with the quality check of the goods. Therefore, choosing the right supplier is the key to the proper functioning of your Dropship Distributor. Plus, don’t forget when choosing a sales location where you want to ship merchandise on behalf of your store. Second, suppliers must provide specific agreements to avoid future problems and misunderstandings.

2. Determine the selling price
The second clue to avoiding losses or bottlenecks is to work openly to set a selling price. When you decide to choose a supplier, the place certainly offers special prices. Because you become their distributor.

However, you also need to tell the seller about the price you will offer directly to the consumer. So there is no discrepancy in information, delivery errors, or even payment errors. In addition, a mutual agreement must be reached and nothing should be hidden between you as a supplier or distributor who sells the dropship system.

3. Identify your brand or product name
Another guide that you should follow and don’t miss is identifying your brand or product name. However, the products sold are from suppliers and central stores. If the product already has a name, such as a specific brand, you cannot change it.

You can only ship merchandise on behalf of your own store. However, if the shipping address does not have a brand name or product name. Then you can enter the product name. Please consult the supplier and determine. Don’t let double names make consumers hesitate or give up buying in your store.

4. Make sure the data is correct
Another important thing is the title. This is often a big problem. Where the dropship seller provides the appropriate address and store as needed. But it turns out that the center will send it according to the name of the original store.

This often happens and makes consumers distrust or feel cheated. If this happens, apologize immediately and fix it to change your current purchasing system. Don’t forget to remind the supplier of your purchase agreement. Do not suffer loss or consumer loss.

5. How to deal with consumers
The last thing you should have in common between your supplier and you as a dropship distributor is how you treat your customers or how you treat your consumers. For example, let’s say you managed to handle a purchase well, but it turns out that the center serves buyers in the usual way.

For example, packaging or shipping the original product takes too long. This affects your store name and ultimately your business. Although the system is only a distributor, but the format is dropship.

Therefore, customer service should be the same. Do your best to work with what you are supposed to buy. For example, the shipping and packing process may not take long, or the packaging of the goods may be of very high quality. No capital commercial website

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