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Matchmaking Application in Japan

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Matchmaking Application in Japan

Matchmaking Application in Japan – This method is mainly used by Japanese adults to “meet each other” from a family point of view, introduce them to their family and close friends, and learn how to deal with each other’s personalities to find friends.

The decline in the birth rate is a very sad problem in Japan. The reason, many Japanese people choose to get married at a fairly old age of 30 years or more. Does this show that finding a soulmate in Japan is difficult?

How to find a girlfriend that Japanese people often do

of course not. In fact, many Japanese are still optimistic about finding a soulmate at a very young age. And many Japanese people don’t because it’s so unique and interesting.

Almost 50% of Japanese teenagers do this, but adults do it too because they have managed to get the partner we want. According to the Japanese, what unique methods do Japanese people use to find a girlfriend? Dabonda Otaku-How to find a girlfriend that is often done by Japanese people.

Meet together

Meeting together is often referred to as gokon which means meeting together and drinking together. Gokon usually has an equal number of males and females. For example, if you have 6 men, you must also have 6 women. Adults usually find partners this way.

Namba hunter

Nampa Hunter is a very ambitious person who is looking for the opposite sex and looking for a companion. This method is easy and hassle-free. The Nampa Hunters approached the target and admired it. If successful, they will exchange phone numbers. Nampa hunters usually carry out their actions without hesitation in a crowd.

Dating app

The most popular apps are Tinder and OkCupid, which are very popular for finding matches in Japan. This dating app is widely used because it costs less than a penny or it is free. This method is also effective for meeting partners in the normal age group of 20-30 years, and when using the application, it searches for partners according to its own criteria.

Mediation office

This is a solution to find the date without looking at it. The office applies the mask rule to the two lovers they meet. Masks are believed to increase people’s self-confidence. In addition, they will also focus more on the personality of their partner, without paying attention to the face alone.

So what’s the right way to find a girlfriend in your opinion? Of course, each of the above methods depends on its own style and has its own strengths and weaknesses.

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