Indonesian FBS Online Forex Broker

Indonesian FBS Online Forex Broker

Indonesian FBS Online Forex Broker – FBS is an international brokerage firm with offices in more than 150 countries worldwide. 17,000,000 traders and 410,000 partners have chosen FBS as their preferred trading company.

FBS provides the best services to our clients as follows: We provide free private seminars and events, forex training materials for our clients, the latest technology for trading, and various strategies for trading in the forex market. FBS believes that both beginners and professional traders can enjoy seminars organized by FBS.

Dealing with the best
“Each seminar is carefully planned and prepared so that everything runs smoothly. During the break, all seminar participants can enjoy delicious food and coffee. All FBS free seminars are family. Everyone can attend the seminar in a friendly atmosphere and contact traders and partners directly FBS FBS does not charge any fees for participants who wish to attend the seminar.
FBS respects all trader differences and understands the different needs of every trader. FBS has created a “barter-free” account, which is commonly referred to by Muslims as a halal account, because it conforms to the teachings of the Qur’an and Islam.

If you are looking for a trusted and honest broker in Indonesia and want to try trading on the forex market, FBS is the answer. You will be amazed at how they help you, and make you feel comfortable trading in the forex market. You will be relieved when a professional and trusted Forex broker is always behind to support you. Indonesian FBS Online Forex Broker

More than 150 countries
17 million merchants
410,000 partners
FBS client’s total annual revenue is $500 million

FBS Achievements
FBS was founded in 2009 and has won many international awards: Best Forex Broker Program for Brokers, Best Forex Brokers in Indonesia, Best Forex Brokers in Southeast Asia, Best Forex Brokers in Thailand, Best International Forex Brokers, Best Customer Service Best Asia Brokers 2016 International Brokers Program 2016 Indonesia Highly Recommended Brokers Insurers of the Year Best Forex Brands Asia 2015 Best Clients Money Security 2015 Asia Pacific Best Brokers 2015 Best Forex Brokers in the Middle East Most Transparent Forex Brokers-2018, Best Forex Trading Accounts 2018, Best Forex Trading Apps -2018, Best Forex Broker Asia-2018, Best Forex Education-2017, Best Forex Broker Software-China 2017, Most Advanced Forex Broker Europe 2019 Best Forex Broker Vietnam 2019.

FBS Number:
Around 7,000 new FBS merchant and partner accounts are opened daily
Half of our clients increase their initial deposit 8-10 times. Forty-eight percent of FBS clients state the profits from trading on FBS as their main source of income.
Every 20 seconds, FBS clients demand that we withdraw 80% of the profits of loyal FBS clients with us.

The number of years required to create ideal trading conditions while developing promotions that not only satisfy all clients but also increase trading effectiveness. If you are looking for a reliable and honest broker, there is good news if you find one on FBS.

80% of our customers are loyal to FBS and, of course, enjoy all the benefits of FBS.

Why choose FBS?
Reliable broker, constantly growing
Brokers that offer profitable forex promotions and bonuses
Hundreds of thousands of profitable orders executed daily
The staff is full of professionals
Millions of positive feedback from customers

What does that mean for you?

100�posit bonus for trading
Convenient trading function
Regular contests and profitable promotions
Up to $ 80 / lot transparent partner fees
Convenient deposit and withdrawal payment system for almost all currencies
24/7 customer support in your native language

Open a real account at FBS Open a partner account at FBS
FBS offers the best trading conditions
Minimum deposit $1
Spreads start with 0 pips
Minimum order 0.01 lot
Use up to 1:3000
Very fast order execution
No request
company list

FBS activities are regulated by the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing Services). The task of the Commission is to consider administrative effectiveness to ensure the safety and protection of investors and traders. IFSC contributes to the healthy and rapid development of the market. The Commission oversees the investment operations of the company to comply with the directives of the regulatory and legislative framework. This public institution controls all activities and operations on the currency market.

This means that working with us is safe and reliable. You are protected by international financial law and protected from legal trouble.

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