How to Use the Tiktok App

How to use the full Tiktok app

How to Use the Tiktok App – The TikTok application, which was banned by the government some time ago, has become a trend. After a number of improvements, TikTok has turned into a social platform that is said to be able to transform Facebook.

Only time will tell if that’s true. And if you are one of those infected with TikTok disease, this complete guide will guide you to get to know and use the TikTok app properly.

To use the TikTok app, you need to register first
Register a TikTok account
The first step you have to follow to be able to use the TikTok app is to create an account. But first, download the app from your device’s Play Store.

Run the TikTok app on your smartphone.
When you first open it, TikTok will show you a selection of video categories you like. Select more than one and click Next.

After that, your smartphone screen will show you how to browse your video collection on TikTok. Just ignore it and press the watch start button.

Then you will be immediately greeted by another user’s uploaded video. At this point, tap the Me button at the bottom right.

Next, when the account registration button is displayed, press the registration button.

There are several options for signing up with TikTok. Start your registration with your mobile number or email using your Facebook or Google account. In this case, I chose to use a Google account.

Select the Google email you want to use.
Choose your date of birth and you’re done.
At this point, your account will be successfully created and you will be redirected to the first page.

How to make videos with TikTok
After creating a TikTok account of course I also want to know how to make videos with TikTok. What is the procedure?

Launch the TikTok app as before and tap on the plus icon in the middle. Your friend will be sent to the camera window as shown in the image below.
The first step in creating a TikTok video that shouldn’t be skipped is setting up the audio first. Notice that there is a button at the top called Sound. Just tap with your finger.

Then a new window will appear with various audio options for genre, effect and length. Select one and tap the red check mark next to it. The app will load for a short time and add a background sound to your camera window.

Now, if you see a button called Sound, it has changed to the title of the sound you defined earlier. Then apply something else. It’s optional, even if you don’t need it.

For example, you can use filters to get an unusual effect. These additives are optional and will depend on your personal taste.

One of the menus in this camera window also has a timer feature, which is very useful if you want to record your own videos. The timer stops until you are ready to record.

Another option for creating videos on TikTok is to upload them or upload them from the gallery. you can? I can do that!
When the camera window opens, to the right of the shutter button is another button you can click to open the gallery window. From there, you can upload pre-recorded videos from edits or other sources.

After selecting the video you want to upload, click the Next button.

Wait a few moments until the video process is complete.
At this point, you can add effects, sounds, doodles and more to your video. When finished, press the Next button again.

Add comments to represent your videos, add hashtags and mention your friends if needed. It also manages privacy options like comment support, binaries, reactions and download button availability. Finally, press the [Publish] button.
Have been completed. The video has been uploaded to TikTok.

How to duet tik tok
There is one feature that I find very unique, which may make TikTok very popular among young people. It’s a duo function. This feature lets you create side-by-side videos that sound similar, even if they aren’t live. But in the end, they look like they face each other through the camera and make a TikTok video together.

To do this, select one of the videos grinded in the TikTok app, click the Share button, then the Duet button.

Next, you need to record yourself in the same style and sound as the original video. The left panel also has several buttons that you can use to enhance your video, and you are free to use them.

How to save Tiktok in gallery
The great thing about this TikTok app is that you can download videos that users can share. You don’t need any special tricks like Instagram, YouTube or Twitter to do this. Because TikTok provides a special button to save TikTok videos to the gallery.

Stop at one of the videos you want to save, click the Share button and find the Save Video button. Wait a few moments until the application download is complete.
Once done, you can open the gallery and play videos offline from there.
How to view uploaded videos on TikTok

The method is very simple. Just tap the Me menu and look at the Video tab menu and you’ll find a row of videos recorded or uploaded directly from your TikTok cam.

To see what you can do with a video, click on one of the videos that appears there, then click the three dots in the bar on the right. Therefore, you have many advanced options such as privacy settings, save videos, delete videos by adding them to favorites, and much more.

How to connect TikTok to Instagram, YouTube and Twitter
This feature is also interesting, but honestly I don’t know if it’s integrated for mass publishing or just for account information.

To link these accounts, click the My menu, then click Edit Profile.

In the end, there are three social media options that you will come across: Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Let’s start with Instagram.

Then you will see a browser window where you have to log in to your Instagram account to proceed to the next step.
If you want to connect TikTok to Instagram after successfully logging in, tap Authenticate.

Or YouTube’s turn. Similarly, open your new browser and sign in to your Google account.

Unfortunately, I was unable to complete this stage. Google appears to have turned off integrated access to TikTok for unknown reasons.

Therefore, please access Twitter directly.
If you want to allow access to TikTok so the two apps can communicate, log into your Twitter account and click Agree.

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