Fast and reliable online loan application

Fast and reliable online loan application

Fast and reliable online loan application – Financial lending services, especially online loans and credit, are gaining an increasing position in society. Extraordinary needs such as increased hospital costs, children’s school needs, or other unexpected costs make online loans (Pinjor) even more attractive.

Of course there is a role for emergency funds that must be able to cover these needs. However, not everyone has the right emergency fund. Many people do not have an emergency fund. If you need money urgently, online loans and credit are the solution.

Banks play the first role in credit and loan problems. The bank lending system only becomes more complex with collateral and guarantees. In fact, people need loans that can be executed quickly, without collateral, the payment process is simple, can be paid in installments, and of course reliable.

To meet this market demand, banks have finally introduced the feature of unsecured loans (also known as unsecured loans (KTA)). However, there are many factors that make the advantage of bank loans inferior to online peer-to-peer lending Fintech lending services.

Then what are the best online loan applications that can send money with low and definite interest?

1. My money

Tsunike’s motto is “Unsecured Online Liquidity Loans”. Founded in 2014, this online loan company is a product of PT Bank Ammar Indonesia and is registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Amar Bank itself was founded in Indonesia since 1991.

With Tunaiku, you can withdraw a loan of IDR 2 million to IDR 20 million online for 6 to 20 months. Installments can be made every month for 20 months.

Citing information in the Tunaiku application, loan interest rates are set at 3% to 4%. The maximum annual interest rate (APR) is 36% to 48%. The cash loan management fee is also set at 540,000 rupees.

Tunisian Online Loan Simulator:
Susie takes an online loan for Rupiah. $10 million. For the interest share above, Susie is required to make installment payments of Rs 1,167,960 to Rs 1,276,210 per month. This means that the total loan payments made by Susie in the end reached Rp. 14,795,177 rupees. 16,575,654.

Loan terms at Tunaiko are very simple because there is no collateral. You can use your ID card to get credit online. By filling out application forms (15 minutes), approvals (24 hours), and contracts (1 to 3 working days), the loan method will be faster and you will be repaid immediately.

What about other costs? Early Settlement Fee: Please note that it is IDR0. Promoted late fee: IDR 100,000. Late fee: 0.16% per day.

2. Kredivo

This application already has a big name because it is widely promoted on social media. Kredivo offers installment shopping facilities without a credit card or cash loan.

The loan products offered will be offered in installments of 3, 6, or 12 months. The interest rate is 2.6% per month and the maximum annual interest rate (APR) is 53.36%. The maximum eligible loan amount is IDR 30 million.

Kredivo Online Loan Simulator:
Yanto applied for a loan of Rp. At a monthly interest rate of 2.6%, $1 million in 12 months. In this case, the premium that Yant has to pay every month is Rp. 109,340. On the other hand, the total amount that Yanto has to pay at the end of the installment is Rp. 1,312,080.

Krediovo loan terms are also very simple, and you only need an ID card without a receipt to pay for new goods or money in installments. Kredivo is also registered and supervised directly by OJK.

3. Akrac

This platform provides fast loan capabilities. With installments of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, you can withdraw a loan of up to IDR 15 million online. Akulaku sets a monthly management fee of 1% of the loan principal. In addition, there is a monthly interest rate of 1.5% on the principal of the loan.

Akulaku’s maximum annual interest rate (APR) is 55.35%, including monthly interest and monthly management fees.

Akulaku Online Loan Simulator : Fast and reliable online loan application

Hidayat has applied for a loan of Rs 2 million for 6 months. Therefore, Hidayat will be charged a monthly interest of 1.5% of the principal and a monthly management fee of 1% of the principal. In that case, Hidayat’s monthly bill is Rp.383,333. This means that the total premium that Hidayat has to pay is IDR 2,300,000 at a rate of 52.1% per year.

After hearing each of the FinTech or online loan products above, you may be confused about which is the best online loan provider.

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