Best Indonesian web hosting service

Best Indonesian web hosting service

Best Indonesian Web Hosting Services – There are many Indonesian web hosting providers, so before you actually buy a hosting package, you need to know the following:

Here are the best web hosting services

1. Disk capacity
Hard disk space plays an important role in your website. This is because the hard disk space as a storage area is often limited by the packages provided by the web hosting provider.

If you buy a hosting plan, make sure you have enough disk space or at least 2 GB. This is because hosting stores a lot of images and articles.

In addition, WordPress settings and plugins use a lot of disk space, so if you plan to create a website with at least 100 articles, make sure you have at least 2GB of disk space.

2. 24/7 support service
Often we only focus on hosting features, plans and prices, but ignore the support part of the provider.
In reality this support does not play a direct role on the website, but if you need immediate support from your hosting provider, 24/7 support from your web hosting provider is essential, you can see that there is.

Therefore, make sure the place where you buy hosting supports this customer support service.

3. SSL is available for free
Make sure the hosting plan you buy offers at least a free SSL from Let’s Encrypt. This is because the website will later use https to make data protection more secure.

Keep in mind that https plays an important role from an SEO perspective, as sites using https are considered reliable for security reasons.

4. Backup and restore function available
This feature is available at least every 2-3 days for automatic backups. This is because you need to back up your data very much in case of future problems with your site.

5. Already using SSD hosting
Currently, many web hosting services use SSD storage media. SSD hard drives are faster and more reliable than HDD storage media.

Of course, you can use this SSD to increase the load on your website as part of your SEO.

6. Hosting package prices
This is what I often say in the hosting review above, the price is certainly very tempting, but keep in mind that the initial purchase price is often different from the renewal price.

Therefore, you need to be careful, you already know that the renewal price is very high or not much different from the initial purchase price, and you are ready.

7. User reviews are important
Before you actually buy a hosting package, you should seek opinions from fellow bloggers, especially those who use hosting services from the provider you are aiming for.

If possible, find user reviews and ratings on many aspects of hosting, from specifications and features to hosting support services.

Compare 8.1 to 1 other
If you are still confused, you should choose a web hosting from several options and compare one web hosting with another.

This comparison is made in the hope of getting the best web hosting service out of the many packages that you may take.

For example, if you compare Domainesia with Niagahoster’s cheapest plan, you’ll see which service is better based on disk space, features, SSL, and of course price and additional costs.

You can usually get the best web hosting in practice by comparing plans between these hosts, but it’s not perfect.

All services have their drawbacks, but at least they are minor flaws that we can tolerate.

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